Meeting Frequency

Many of you may be wondering why we hold Mission Impossible meetings every other month, instead of once monthly – a tradition we’re keeping from our journey through Ulysses.  Some of our participants from last year enjoyed the long breaks, and others felt they hindered the experience.  Both sides have valid points, so let me explain our decision:

  • Meeting every other month gives one the room to read plenty of other books in between discussions.  I fear that meeting more frequently would monopolize my reading (and yours) to just the Mission Impossible novel, therefore turning the program into something that feels more like drudgery than fun.  When I read Ulysses, the burden of the novel felt lighter because I had the space to put it down, enjoy some other books, and the pick it up again when I was good and ready.  This may be a challenge for you procrastinators out there, but I predict that you’d find a way to procrastinate even if we met weekly  😉
  • One word: staffing.  It takes a tremendous amount of time for each leader to plan, prepare for, and run a discussion.  Discussions also mean that other staff must work harder to cover our public desks to provide consistent service.  I assure you we’re making the most out of the resources we have.  Perhaps one day we can support more meetings.

I want you to know we at the library appreciate your feedback about how to improve the program.  I wish we could accommodate everyone’s preferences.  After War and Peace, I’m sure we will consider this issue again.


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