Update on Groups

Hi, everyone.  I just wanted to give you a quick update about the status of our groups and registration.  In short, all eight of our groups have waiting lists.  That includes the recently added North Branch group.  I’m in the process of opening a ninth group to meet on Wednesday nights, and I’m contacting folks on selected waiting lists.  Finally, I hope to open a tenth and final group, but it’s too early to tell if it will pan out.  Beyond these efforts, I will not be seeking to create any other library-sponsored groups.

To those of you who find still find yourself on a waiting list once we start our first round of discussions in a couple of weeks, I would encourage you to keep up with the readings.  Some folks will drop out of the program, and that may open up a space for you later on.  I would discourage you from just showing up if you’re on a waiting list, as you will likely find yourself turned away.  Another option to consider if you’re wait-listed is running your own discussion with friends.  I’m more than happy to email you discussion materials to support you.

I know this process has been frustrating for some, but struggling to accommodate more than 200 people is a wonderful problem to have.  It shows we’ve tapped into a community of people eager to read great, difficult literature.  It seems that round three of Mission Impossible will have to look a little different to accommodate our growing community of readers.

Thanks for your patience during this challenging process!



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One response to “Update on Groups

  1. Jerry Schenwar

    Hi Karen,
    Serendipidously, I’m in a small ( 3 people) book group that will be discussing War and Peace in a few weeks. I’m on page 1060! I’d appreciate any discussion materials you could email me. I’d like to remain on the waiting list.
    Jerry Schenwar

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