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To enhance our virtual discussion of Mission Impossible: War and Peace, I’ve added a Facebook Page to the mix.  Since so many of us use Facebook, I thought it might lend itself as a friendlier venue for online discussion about the novel.  I’ve noticed that the blog can be a bit too restrictive for folks who want to share their own thoughts.  I’ll keep posting important info and other thoughts to the blog.  These posts will automatically appear on our Facebook Wall as links, so if you haven’t subscribed to the blog, you can still be notified about new posts.

Another major reason I created the page is to give folks who can’t make it to meetings an opportunity to share thoughts about the reading.  I’ll periodically post questions, and I hope you’ll respond with your own comments or strike up your own discussion.  I hope you’ll “like” us today!  (Note: You’ll need to login to your Facebook account to “like” us).


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One response to “Facebook Fan Page

  1. janet McGill

    This sounds good.

    Now I just have to get reading.

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