Registration Open for the Tenth and Final Group

Greetings!  In my final effort to accommodate those on our War and Peace waitlists, I’ve created one last library-sponsored discussion group.  It will meet at 6pm at Barnes & Noble of Evanston (1630 Sherman Ave) every other month, starting on Tuesday, September 20.  It will consistently meet the week after most of our other groups convene.  Elvira Carrizal-Dukes, one of our staff members at the Reader’s Services Desk, will be the group leader.  Elvira has a very interesting background in journalism, Chicano studies, and film.  One special note about this group is that Elvira will be approaching War and Peace with a special focus on the women of the novel.  Of course, she’ll cover other major topics of discussion as well.

If you’re interested in joining this group, register via our online calendar by locating the group on the day of 9/20, or by calling the Reader’s Services Desk at 847-448-8620.  There’s still plenty of time to read this month’s assignment of roughly 100 pages.


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