The Battle of Austerlitz, etc.

Understandably, the battles depicted in our November reading assignment might be a source of confusion for some of us.  To aid our attempts to understand the bigger picture of what’s happening in the novel on the military side of things, I’ve found a couple of quick and dirty resources.  First, take a look at PBS’s Napoleon at War webpage.  The link will take you to the section on the Ulm-Austerlitz Campaign, which is the portion most relevant to us so far.  The History Channel has a great video zeroing on the Battle of Austerliz.

I realize these portions of the novel can be intimidating because it’s difficult at times to know what’s happening.  However, unless you’re particularly interested in doing a lot supplementary study of the military portions, I think it’s fine to have a general grasp of these battles.  Focus most on the characters, how they’re developing, and how they’re responding to events generally beyond their control.


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  1. marybethroth

    The webpage on the battle of Austerlitz is concise, fascinating and very helpful as it gives the larger picture which gives me a handle on the battle details of the novel. Thanks, Karen!

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