Suggestions for the Next Mission Impossible Selection

Many of you may have already gotten this email, but if not, I’m re-posting the info here.

If you can believe it, the journey through War and Peace will soon be coming to a close in May. The planning process for the next round of Mission Impossible has already begun.  So far, we’ve decided to try a few new things.  First, we’ll be tackling a shorter novel.  Second, we’ll complete it over the course of three consecutive months, beginning in September and ending in November.  Third, you’ll be given the chance to vote for the next book.

Before voting takes place, however, we’d like your suggestions for what to tackle next.  If you have a title (or titles) you’d like the group to read, please email your suggestions to  Before you contact me, here are a few things to consider: Can the book be read in three months?  Is it a significant work?  Finally, is it the kind of book you’d be more likely to read with the help of a group?

Please email me your suggestions by Thursday, April 5.  You can expect to see another blog post about voting during the week of April 9.  Thanks, everyone!  It will be exciting to try something new.



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2 responses to “Suggestions for the Next Mission Impossible Selection

  1. Sandra Shane-DuBow

    My suggestions include: Henry James, Proust, Virginia Wolfe, Migeul de Unamuno, Amos Tutuola, Guisippi Tomasi.

  2. Marvin Martin`

    Reading selections for Mission Impossible:

    Light In August William Faulkner

    The Good Soldier Ford Maddox Ford

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