Reading Schedule

Reading assignments are based on the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation.  In parentheses are the corresponding books, or chapters used for many other translations.


Volume I

Part One, pp. 1-111 (Book One)


Part Two, pp. 112-200 (Book Two)

Part Three, pp. 201-294 (Book Three)

Volume II

Part One, pp. 295-346 (Book Four)


Part Two, pp. 347-417 (Book Five)

Part Three, pp. 418-487 (Book Six)

Part Four, pp. 488-534 (Book Seven)

Part Five, pp. 535-600 (Book Eight)


Volume III

Part One, pp. 601-681 (Book Nine)

Part Two, pp. 682-820 (Book Ten)

Part Three, pp. 821-932 (Book Eleven)


Volume IV

Part One, pp. 933-986 (Book Twelve)

Part Two, pp. 987-1030 (Book Thirteen)

Part Three, pp. 1031-1074 (Book Fourteen)

Part Four, pp. 1075-1125 (Book Fifteen)


Part One, pp. 1126-1178

Part Two, pp. 1179-1215


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